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Initial Consult

Prior to an initial consultation both parties will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). An NDA is an agreement that legally creates a confidential relationship between Dedicated Help and the Seller.



A team of professional accountants and analysts will review your documents and prepare a Normalized Income Statement. A Normalized Income Statement involves adjusting non-recurring expenses or revenues so that it only reflects a company’s usual transactions.


Buyer Search

Qualified Buyers interested in more information about the business for sale will be profiled and required to sign an NDA, which protects the Seller’s confidential business information and articulates that the business sale is to be kept confidential. We work in partnership with licensed real estste brokers on every deal.


About Our Firm

Dedicated Help Financial assists business owners to sell their businesses by locating and matching them with a buyer. Additionally, we also work with business buyers to find the right business that meets their purchase criteria. We have sold hundreds of businesses, of all types, confidentially and efficiently through our vast buyer networks.


A teaser about the business will be marketed to a database of over 23,000 interested Buyers and marketed on a variety of online and print platforms. A teaser is a brief, confidential write up of the business providing only basic information without identifying the name of the business or giving enough information for the public to identify the business for sale.


At this stage, there are several key conditions that will be addressed, including but not limited to, financial/legal due diligence performed by the Buyer and his or her accountant and attorney. We handle all due dilligence requests on your behalf.

Selling Your Business?

Dedicated Help Financial assists successful business owners and corporate management with the sale of their company by matching them with selected buyers.

M&A Advisory

In today’s dynamic market it is prudent to retain an experienced Mergers & Acquisitions advisor who will work for you to achieve the highest price for your business.


We offer our clients the advantages of a boutique investment bank with full-service Business Brokerage and Mergers & Acquisitions advisory services to meet all levels of transaction sizes.